Remote Learning

Remote Learning

Ribblesdale High School Provision for Remote Learning – Information for Parents


What happens when my child needs to learn from home?

There are two types of circumstances which may lead to your child accessing their learning remotely (i.e. from home). These are:

  1. As a result of testing positive for Coronavirus (self-isolating but still feeling well enough to work) or having to self-isolate as a result of being identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive for coronavirus.
  2. During a period of full or partial school closure – for example during a period of national lockdown in which the government has applied the schools’ contingency framework (when schools are open only to the children of critical workers and to vulnerable pupils), when a ‘tipping point’ has been reached in that more than 50% of your child’s class or year group bubble is required to isolate and so the full class or year group bubble is closed and all pupils within it work remotely, or when staffing levels are compromised to the extent that school is forced to close partially or fully.


Accessing learning remotely as a member of Ribblesdale’s Virtual School

In the first instance given above, i.e. where he / she has to isolate as an individual or a small group of pupils identified as contact (this representing less than 50% of the class / year group population) your child would be added temporarily to our Virtual School roll. This is a specially created Microsoft Teams class channel which enables nominated specialist staff from every department to set work for your child and to monitor and support your child’s completion of this work. Work is set early in the week using Microsoft Teams assignments, and pupils will return their work using the same mechanism. In this instance, pupils work through their assigned learning activities independently.

The work set will align as closely as possible with the curriculum currently being studied in school. Though specific content may vary to some degree, the skills and competencies being developed should mirror the work in school closely. Your child can seek support via the Teams ‘Posts’ function (a type of ‘chat’ facility and via email to their own subject teacher.) Each subject teacher will require the work to be completed upon your child’s return to school and will provide feedback to the work. Where your child has failed to complete the work set, he or she should expect to be sanctioned accordingly by his or her normal class teacher.


Whole class / year group remote learning

In the scenarios described in 2) above, all pupils in the class or year group will be learning remotely. (If the government applies the school’s contingency framework, this could be all pupils in the school, except for a small number of the children of critical workers and vulnerable pupils who cannot access the work safely from home.) At this point all pupils will work with their usual class teachers and in line with their normal school timetable. Every lesson will begin with a register and approximately 20 minutes of live teaching, after which pupils will work independently on learning activities set by the teacher. Pupils can access support and guidance using the ‘Posts’ function on their class Teams channel or privately via email to their teacher, who will respond in a timely manner – as soon as possible to enquiries placed within the lesson and within 48 hours to requests for help received outside of lesson time.

The frequently asked questions which follow should address most aspects of our remote learning provision. If you need further clarification, please email and an appropriate member of staff will contact you as soon as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) Accessing Your Normal School Timetable when Learning Remotely (PDF)
Parent Guide to Remote Learning (PDF) Guidance and Expectations for Live Lessons (PDF)
Remote Learning Policy (PDF) Ribblesdale High School Review of Remote Learning (PDF)
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