Pupil Leadership

Pupil Leadership

Head Boy & Head Girl

This is a very prestigious position and our Head Boy and Head Girl represent the entire school from Year 7 right through to Year 11. They are visible and well respected characters around Ribblesdale, as well as excellent examples to others. Our Head Boy and Head Girl actively want to develop our school community, have fantastic public speaking skills and are able to lead school assemblies to all year groups which motivate and inspire other pupils.

Student Leaders

The school’s Student Leaders are integral to the function of the school.  First and foremost, they play a massive part in ensuring that the school’s site runs smoothly during social times.  Therefore, you can see them dotted around the school during break time and lunch time, sporting HI-VIS jackets and ensuring pupils are behaving appropriately and are safe.  As well as performing these duties day to day, Student Leaders are involved in an array of activities including Parents’ Evenings, Open Evenings and tours of the school with potential job candidates.

In Year 11, a select number of Student Leaders are chosen to become Heads of Committees.  Currently, we have: Head of Peer Mentoring; Head of Eco Committee; Head of Pupil Voice; Head of Charities and Head of House Competitions.  These pupils are responsible for leading events and activities relating to their area of expertise.

Within the Student Leader body, certain Student Leaders are handpicked to be trained as Peer Mentors.  These Student Leaders offer a support to any other pupil who may be in need of it.  They run a “Games Club” every day for our vulnerable pupils in Years 7 and 8.

In order to qualify as a Student Leader, pupils must submit an application which is supported by a member of staff or an employer.  They must also have good attendance and punctuality and be in possession of a good school record regarding their behaviour.

Form Buddies

Pupils are recruited as Form Buddies in Year 9.  Their principal role is to support the Year 7 pupils when they begin at Ribblesdale.  Specifically, they are allocated a form group which they support during the year by assisting the Form Tutor with form time.  Their role is to nurture the Year 7 pupils, developing a friendship with them so that they feel there is always a friendly face for them here at Ribblesdale.  Furthermore, Form Buddies are integral in helping to deliver the school’s transition programme.

Becoming a Form Buddy is the first step to becoming a Student Leader in Key Stage Four.  In order to become a Form Buddy, pupils must submit an application which is supported by a teacher.  Equally, they must possess a good behaviour record as role models for the younger pupils.

This year, Form Buddies have been employed, alongside Peer Mentors, to assist in supporting the school’s “Games Club” which the more vulnerable Year 7 pupils may attend.

Ribblesdale Digital Leaders

Ribblesdale has always been an innovative school when it comes to using technology and we are fortunate to have created a partnership with Microsoft, becoming a Training Academy. This has allowed us to give opportunities to our pupils to support the use of technology within the classroom, to aid in their teaching and learning. Digital Leaders are our pupil ambassadors that will enable our community to use technology in more exciting and pioneering ways, which will support both teachers and learners alike. Digital Leaders support all aspects of ICT within our school; this may be through providing technical support, providing new ideas for staff to use in lessons and developmental sessions for teachers and pupils. These opportunities are not only beneficial for our school, but also for those pupils that take part, as they are always learning real life skills such as problem solving and leadership that will support them in a 21st Century career.

The main duties for our digital leaders are as follows:

  • To guide and support the safe use of technology throughout school
  • To provide technical support for pupils and teachers devices in the classroom
  • Lead Lunchtime or After School Technology Clubs
  • To showcase outstanding technology throughout the school using social media
  • To help with the introduction of new technologies within school, demonstrating exemplary use
  • To work with other Digital Leaders in supporting the school community
  • To provide ‘technical support’ during important events throughout the year (Parents’ Evenings, Induction Days)
  • To create digital multimedia to showcase the school’s achievements.
Sports Captains
Sports Captains are expected to:

  • help to set-up and run extra-curricular PE clubs.
  • liase with Mrs Cooper- Westhead (CAL PE & Healthy Schools) and Mrs Sharp, Miss Simpson, Mr Lishman and Mr Hewison (Teachers of PE) regarding promoting sports and physical activity and assist in coaching programmes and local sports competitions in a variety of events such as; badminton, football, netball, basketball, athletics, rugby, outdoor pursuits, triathlon and running club
  • assist with articles or displays to promote pupils’ sporting achievements
  • assist with displays for specific school events within the school; e.g. Open Evening, The Ribbies, Options Evening and Sports Festival
  • be ambassadors for the school by attending Open Day, The Ribbies, Options Evening, Sports Festival and feeder primary school events
  • be approachable, providing support and guidance to students at all levels in the school, thereby fostering a sense of community within the school
  • monitor pupil behaviour in extra-curricular clubs and act as a positive role model for the PE Department both inside and outside of school
  • attend all Sports Captains meetings and training sessions
  • work closely with members of the Student Leadership Team.