Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

At Ribblesdale we offer a broad and balanced curriculum to all year groups, which is accessible and delivered through great teaching; details can be viewed in our Curriculum Overview document. Traditional learning pathways across a range of subjects lead predominantly to a breadth of GCSE courses but with some vocational opportunity. This is further enhanced and complemented by an exciting Enrichment offer, designed to support pupil progress. Character education and development of the whole person is a key theme of our rich and varied curriculum opportunity, alongside academic excellence and superb pastoral support. The structure allows targeted and timely intervention to take place across many aspects of the school curriculum. All young people take part in Enrichment, which encompasses the development of moral, social and British values alongside skills for the future that include:

  • Teamwork
  • Organisation
  • Leadership
  • Presentation skills
  • Collaboration
  • Independence
  • Building self-confidence

The curriculum at Ribblesdale is also responsive and uses technology to enhance and empower learners both in school and beyond our gates.

The Key Stage 3 Curriculum

In Years 7 ,8 & 9 pupils follow a common curriculum which includes English, maths, science, technology, computer science, history, geography, RE, French, Spanish, PE, art, performing arts and music. We believe pupils learn best in groups appropriate to their ability and set them in many subjects in Year 7. Some pupils also benefit from additional literacy support in year 7 and year 8. In year 8 pupils select a single language option to focus on as preparation for full options in year 9.

During Year 9, pupils choose their options with the support of their parents, form tutor, subject teachers and careers advisors as necessary.

Enrichment workshops take place each half term but also include core modules of PSHCE.

The Key Stage 4 Curriculum

All pupils follow a core curriculum of English, maths, science, PE and RE. The structure of the curriculum gives all pupils the opportunity to follow the English Baccalaureate curriculum route, which requires them to study a modern foreign language (French or Spanish) and history or geography to GCSE levels. Pupils are expected to choose either a language (French / Spanish) or a humanity subject (geography / history) but can take one of each. Pupils can also choose from a wide range of other subjects to study from the start of Year 10, which are shown.  A small number of pupils benefit from a vocational placement in a business sector that they wish to pursue after leaving school.


Art and Design Graphic Design Performing Arts
Business Studies History1 Physical Education
Computer Science Hospitality and Catering Spanish2
Design and Technology ICT Textile Design
French2 Media Studies Triple Science*
Geography Music
(1) counts as a Humanity in the EBacc.
(2) counts as a Language in the EBacc.


Enrichment continues in Year 10 and incorporates employability skills as pupils prepare for their future. This includes a work experience placement, ‘mock’ interviews with business leaders, careers interviews and the writing of personal statements and CVs supported by our local post 16 providers. KS4 pupils also have regular access, contact and presentations from a wide range of post 16 providers from all sectors. 

Local Learning Areas

Select venues in close geographical proximity to the main school site are designated as Local Learning Areas. The school will make a decision on these and communicate to parents when these will take place. They are specified visits/activities that are part of the normal curriculum and take place during the normal school day. They are defined by the DfE as being covered by the school’s current policies and procedures. Where school deems it desirable additional risk assessment are in place.

More information about the curriculum can be found in the individual subject pages.  If you have any further queries please contact Mrs Hough at enquiries@ribblesdale.org