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Modern Foreign Languages at Ribblesdale

At Ribblesdale all MFL lessons are taught by subject specialist teachers who are passionate about languages. The department delivers a rich and varied curriculum for French and Spanish, with the key aim of broadening pupils’ horizons and introducing them to different cultures.  Pupils learn not only to communicate for practical purposes but also to express their ideas and opinions. Pupils are encouraged to learn new ways of thinking and to read a variety of texts, including literature, to deepen their experience of language learning. It is the hope of our modern languages teachers that language lessons at Ribblesdale will encourage pupils to learn other languages, to interact with cultures other than their own and to travel, study and even work in other countries in the future.

Details of the content for the following for the subject of MFL can be viewed here.

KS3 / KS4 French

KS3 / KS4 Spanish