Microsoft Training Academy

Microsoft Training Academy

Ribblesdale has a long tradition as a school rich in the use of new technologies. From being one of the first Technology Colleges in the 1990s to its current exciting work with one-to-one devices, this willingness to utilise technology to assist learning is as much the school’s heritage as it is its future.

Ribblesdale is a Microsoft Training Academy; one of only six worldwide. Microsoft Training Academies are Microsoft’s ‘elite’ partner schools and emphasize personalised learning approaches which are supported by technology and integrate productivity tools such as Office 365 Education, OneNote, Skype, Sway, Azure and Minecraft. Training Academies are influencers who host professional learning events for other schools and open their doors for tours to show innovative teaching and learning in action.

Being a Microsoft Training Academy means that our pupils have access to the latest technologies and resources to support teaching and learning, both with and beyond the classroom. This not only helps them achieve their best academically, but also helps to prepare them for a life beyond Ribblesdale, giving them 21st century skills for the future. It also allows our teachers to have access to tools and training to develop their pedagogy, integrating technology within lessons to enhance learning. What we do at Ribblesdale is showcased and shared on a local, regional and national level!

As a Training Academy, it also enables Ribblesdale to be more outward facing. Using our skills and expertise we provide support and training to a range of educational establishments, sharing good practice and helping them to progress further.