At Ribblesdale School we pride ourselves in being a technologically innovative school, enhancing the pedagogy of teaching with 21st century technologies. We allow pupils to access learning whenever and wherever they want; breaking down the walls of the classroom. At Ribblesdale we use technology and a range of other tools, in a blended way, to enhance the great teaching that takes place.  Pupils at Ribblesdale each have their own one-to-one Windows 10 device, which is used to support learning both within and outside the classroom.  Giving pupils access to their own device, provides them with a wealth of opportunities to help progression, but also allows teachers to formulate more engaging learning content which draw on different opportunities to enhance engagement and motivation.


One-to-one at Ribblesdale 

At Ribblesdale, pupils have access to their own one-to-one device, to support learning.  We use a Windows 10 device, which allows pupils to create and consume content.  The production of work can be completed by typing on the detachable keyboard, utilising the touch screen capabilities or using the digital stylus.  This allows pupils to choose the input method that bests suits them or the task being completed. 


The use of the device is complemented by a range of different software packages such as the traditional Microsoft Office Suite and more progressive tools such as Minecraft Education Edition, FlipGrid and Learning by Questions.  All are used to complement and support the good teaching and learning that already takes place throughout school. 


As a school are fully aware of the possible issues that can arise with the use of technology, and so working alongside the school’s IT support team, we have a full web filtering system to ensure that each pupil is safeguarded both at home and at school. The pupils also have the added security that if there was ever any damage to the device they are fully insured. All required applications are pre-installed and updated regularly ensuring that our learners always have the tools that they would need to support their learning. 


Supporting Learning 

At Ribblesdale everything we do is based around the Office 365 platform, with Microsoft Teams forming the digital hub for our teachers and pupils, on which they collaborate, communicate and share resources. This allows pupils to have access to their learning materials on any device both in and out of school making learning accessible any time from anywhere. This allows our learners to choose when and how they learn with the use of technology.


We want to use innovative teaching techniques to engage our pupils to ignite curiosity towards learning. One way that we do this is through using apps such as Minecraft Education Edition, Learning by Questions, GCSE POD and Century Tech. These also allow teachers to track progress of each pupil allowing intervention and feedback in real-time. Parents are kept informed on their child’s progress in real time via the school’s app, so that they can support learning at home.  This is complemented by Doddle and Class Charts, which provide a direct insight into behaviour, achievements and specific areas of success/development across all subjects.


Future Ready Skills 

More than ever, pupils need a range of skills to allow them to reach their full potential in their future career paths beyond Ribblesdale.  All roles, at whatever level, have an expectation that young people can use technology effectively.  At Ribblesdale we strive to ensure that all pupils are equipped with digital skills for the future.  This is achieved by coherent development through all areas of the curriculum, not just in isolation through ICT lessons. Being proficient in the use of digital technology helps to give Ribblesdale pupils an ‘edge’ in the wider world of work and study.  The demonstration of these skills is supported by widely recognised qualifications including Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and Microsoft Technical Associate (MTA). 

For more information, visit: www.doddlelearn.co.uk