Citizenship Lead

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) at Ribblesdale

Ribblesdale’s PSHCE curriculum is designed to support pupils as they progress through their time at secondary school. Our aim is to help pupils develop into informed, well-rounded citizens who will thrive in the 21st Century in a world which is constantly evolving. The curriculum explores the three core concepts of Health and Well-Being, Living in the Wider World and Relationships (which also covers learning about Fundamental British Values, Online Safety, Rule of Law and Democracy). Pupils are given regular opportunities to consider and develop their own attitudes, values and beliefs, whilst also learning how to make healthy and wise choices. PSHCE lessons provide a wealth of careers education, advice and guidance, develop cultural understanding and promote self-esteem and resilience so that pupils are well-equipped for adult life and the world of work.

Details of the following content for the subject of PSHCE can be viewed here.