An individual experience

“Teachers care about pupils and help them to do well in their examinations.”


An individual experience

At Ribblesdale we pride ourselves on our home school links, with a strong pastoral support programme where your son or daughter will be well known by their form tutor, year leader, pastoral co-ordinator and class teachers. Every individual is also part of our House System, which creates a strong sense of identity in the wider life of the school.

Our eLearning opportunities allow pupils to track their own learning, take ownership of the resources they wish to access as well as collaborate with other pupils but also communicate with their teachers and peers beyond the face to face classroom environment.

Whether pupils need academic stretch in the form of a bespoke programme for the most able or the support of our counsellor due to personal challenges, we tailor our provision to the individual.

The breadth of our curriculum also offers many opportunities for your child to excel, whether that be academically or in developing their wider personal, interpersonal and leadership qualities. Our exciting Enrichment Programme, rated outstanding by Ofsted, is an important part of our character education where pupils can immerse themselves, explore and discover not only new activities, pursuits and interests but also the qualities of teamwork, determination and resilience.