Religious Education

Our Religious Education Team

An Introduction to Religious Education

In the RE department, we are all highly enthusiastic and passionate about Religious Education and endeavour to enthuse pupils in lessons. We encourage our pupils to consider what they can learn from religious believers and develop their own opinion of the world around them.

Year 7
  • Christianity- Community and Creation
  • Sikhism – an introduction
  • Christianity – Church and the Community
  • Islam – Five Pillars
  • Christianity – Jesus – Golden Rule
Year 8
  • The Life and influence of Moses
  • The life and influence of Jesus
  • The life and influence of Muhammad
  • Evil and Suffering
  • Holy texts – and introduction to GCSE
Year 9
Pupils begin the Religious Education GCSE course in Year 9 for details please see below

Key Stage 4 – AQA GCSE Religious Education

At Ribblesdale, we focus on Christianity and Islam. This course has no coursework or controlled assessment. The specification encourages personal response and informed insight on fundamental questions about identity, belonging, meaning, purpose, truth, values and commitments.

Paper 1

Consists of the study of Religious Beliefs and Practices for Christianity and Islam.

Christianity Beliefs and teachings Practices

Islam Beliefs and teachings Practices

Paper 2

Consists of the Study of 4 Thematic Units

Theme A: Relationships and families

Theme B: Religion and Life

Theme D: Religion, peace and conflict

Theme E: Religion, crime and punishment