Our Mission

To provide a challenging and nurturing environment for young people; promoting their social, moral, intellectual and personal development and ensuring they are equipped with the skills, knowledge and resilience to be successful in adult life.

We aim to achieve our mission by providing an environment where:

  • a love of learning is fostered
  • pupils are courteous and are exceptionally well behaved
  • challenging and aspirational goals are engendered for all of our pupils
  • a wide range of opportunities inside and outside of the curriculum are provided
  • the achievements of all are celebrated
  • all of our young people are recognised as individuals with their own strengths and needs
  • each of our pupils become self-confident, caring, ambitious and empathetic young people
  • we value the contribution of everyone within the school and with a stake in it
  • young people who leave Ribblesdale enter the world of further education, work or training as well rounded individuals who are confident and competent in the skills required of them in the 21st century.