Ex Year 11 pupils were recently invited to The Grand recently where they received their GCSE certificates and subject awards for their achievements throughout their final year at school.

The evening was attended by Jen Briggs - Ex Head Girl, who now has a successful career as head of HR at James’ Places. She reminisced with the pupils about her time at the school and gave a fantastic motivational speech to the ex-pupils on the merits of; hard work at school being the stepping stone to achieving success later in life and instilled in them all that they could achieve anything they set their minds to, if they were determined enough!

After each form group was presented with their GCSE certificates Georgia Walker-Carter and Eliza Peachey then gave a fabulous performance singing `Lay me Down’ and `Feeling Good’. The girls have sung at many events for the school and gave a truly professional performance.

The second part of the evening focused on individual subject awards and a small number of special awards. The lists of Prize winners are below:

  • Myles Shackleton - Art
  • Isabel Ryden - Art Textiles
  • Kori Pickup - Biology
  • James Heys - Business Studies
  • George Limbert - Computing
  • Grace Atkinson - English Literature
  • Emily Williams - English Language
  • Alexandra Campbell - French
  • Emily Stephenson - Geography
  • Max Lynagh - History
  • Emma Carter - ICT
  • Jamie Biggins - Mathematics
  • Andrew Hargreaves - Media
  • Jordan Hayston - Music
  • Elliott Norman - PE
  • Georgia Walker-Carter - Performing Arts
  • Christian Fisher - Physics
  • Eden Burt - Psychology
  • Thierry Balshaw - Science
  • Harriet Farnell - RE
  • Lauren Woods - Spanish
  • Chelsea Pickup - Hospitality & Catering / Food
  • Max Lynagh - Product Design
  • James Mitchell - Graphic Products
  • Isabelle Barron - Resistant Materials
  • Will Leeming - Head Boy
  • Jack Esson - Deputy Head Boy
  • Lucy Ford - Head Girl
  • Georgia Walker-Carter - Deputy Head Girl
  • Grace Atkinson - Highest Overall Attainment
  • Isabelle Barron - Highest Overall Attainment
  • Felicity Davies - Highest Overall Attainment
  • Lydia Robinson - Highest Overall Attainment
  • Harriet Farnell - Highest Overall Attainment
  • Emily Williams - Highest Overall Attainment
  • Jack Esson - Highest Overall Attainment
  • Katherine Vaughan-Williams - Highest Overall Attainment
  • Eden Burt - Highest Overall Attainment
  • Eleanor Gaskell - Highest Overall Attainment
  • Benjamin Hope - Highest Overall Attainment
  • Katie Breakell - Highest Overall Progress
  • Richard Smith - Highest Overall Progress
  • Max Lynagh - Highest Overall Progress
  • Alexandra Campbell - Highest Overall Progress
  • Mary Procter - Highest Overall Progress
  • George Limbert - Highest Overall Progress
  • Naomi Butler - Highest Overall Progress
  • Cara Wallace - Highest Overall Progress
  • Declan Goulbourn - Highest Overall Progress
  • Lauren Bradshaw - Pupil Voice
  • Grace Atkinson - Peer Mentoring
  • Myles Shackleton - Eco Committee
  • Amelia Dickinson - Achievement in the Face of Adversity
  • Joni Hilton - Achievement in the Face of Adversity

The final award of the evening went to Georgia Walker-Carter for her `Exceptional Contribution to School’.  Miss Robinson thanked her for her tremendous positivity and compassion, throughout her time at school and for all the extra activities and help she has been to both staff and pupils alike.

Ribblesdale is enormously proud of all pupils and not just those mentioned by name.  All the recipients on the night have all played their part and made a fantastic contribution to the school.  We wish each of them every success in their future endeavours.