Our Music Team

An Introduction to Music

The Music Department is designed to support, contribute and complement the aims of the school by providing equal opportunities for all pupils across the curriculum. The department is continually looking at ways to be innovative and engaging the pupils. This can be seen with Year 9 pupils receiving a varied curriculum of Music, Musical Theatre and Drama which prepares pupils for the Btec Performing Arts Course which has been popular since its introduction.

Key Stage 4 - AQA GCSE Music / Edexcel Music BTEC

The AQA GCSE Music qualification offers students the opportunity to study a wide range of musical genres, with more opportunities for practical learning. Students cover understanding music, performing music and composing music. Pupils will listen to a variety of music ranging from Western classical tradition 1650-1910, Popular music, Traditional music and Western classical tradition since 1910. They will also perform 1 solo and 1 ensemble and produce 2 compositions during the course.