Developing well-rounded individuals who are motivated and able to work both in a team but also individually is a key priority at Ribblesdale. We encourage our pupils to work and think independently, placing an emphasis on our youngsters adopting a Growth Mindset.  The ability to develop analytical and evaluative skills through supporting our young people in building their self-confidence as an individual is key for their success. Our commitment to the use of new technologies in lessons aids the opportunity for independence in pupils’ work and enhances our teachers’ ability to support personalised learning.

It is not only in lessons where we encourage independence, but also across school where we have a range of leadership opportunities for our young people; ranging from Digital Leaders to Reading Buddies. Our substantial enrichment programme deliberately targets activities which help build independence and resilience, as well as developing responsibilities across the school and indeed the wider community.

This is underpinned by our school ethos framed as the ‘Ribblesdale Way’. This is the agreed set of values that all members of our community adhere to in a mutually respectful and supportive way, where every pupil is encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and value the contribution of others.