Our History Team

An Introduction to History​

Historical enquiry is very relevant to today’s society. History teaches a wide variety of skills and enables people to question and analyse the past, whilst forming their own opinion about events and people. At Ribblesdale, the history teachers pride themselves on their lessons being fun, interesting, useful, interactive and challenging. The department is forward thinking and the teachers use a variety of teaching techniques that meet the needs of all different learning styles.

Year 7
  • Introduction to history
  • Vikings and initial assessment task
  • Medieval Britain (including a local study of Clitheroe Castle, The Battle of Hastings, Medieval Life, Black Death and disease, Civil War
Year 8
  • Industrialisation – how people lived in the 19th Century. Includes factory life, conditions in the mines, medical advances, treatment of the poor and crime.
  • Empire and Slavery includes the life of slaves, abolition of slavery, Indian Independence and Gandhi.
  • World War One, including causes, trench warfare, Battle of the Somme, a local study of war memorials and the peace settlement.
Year 9
  • World War Two – causes, events, consequences. Nazi Germany, The Holocaust
  • American history –  1920s boom, Civil rights, JFK’s assassination, The Vietnam War.

Key Stage 4 – AQA GCSE History

The grading is based on two externally assessed exam papers. The pupils will be expected to answer 10 questions for Paper 1 and 8 for Paper 2. The skills assessed are based on knowledge and understanding, explanation and source interpretation skills. Spelling and grammar is 5% of the total mark.

Paper 1 – 50% of the qualification

America 1920-73

World War One

Paper 2 – 50% of the qualification.

Health and the people 1000 – present day

Elizabethan England