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An Introduction to English

Our department is a forward thinking and highly regarded team both in school and across Lancashire. We are highly motivated and at the forefront of all new government initiatives. We pride ourselves on being an innovative and successful department who are committed to delivering the syllabus through active learning, encouraging all pupils to have a thirst for learning and making progress.

Key Stage 4 - Eduqas English Language and Eduqas English Literature

English Language

The GCSE English Language qualification will:

  • be assessed by examination
  • have speaking skills assessed but this will not contribute to the overall grade. The assessment will be marked by teachers and reported separately, alongside the qualification grade on the certificate
  • include 20% of the marks for the written exams which will be allocated to accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • be un-tiered
  • be fully linear with assessments available in the summer series

The GCSE in English Language encourages pupils to read fluently and write effectively.


Subject Content

The qualification is made up of two externally assessed examination components and one internally assessed non-examination component. The internally assessed non-examination component tests spoken language skills.

There is a slightly heavier weighting on the non-fiction Reading and Writing in Component 2 than on the literature and creative writing in Component 1, in order to ensure that skills for work, life and further education are prioritised.


English Literature

The GCSE in English Literature enables pupils to:

  • read a wide range of classic literature fluently and with good understanding, and make connections across their reading
  • read in depth, critically and evaluatively, so that they are able to discuss and explain their understanding and ideas
  • develop the habit of reading widely and often
  • appreciate the depth and power of the English literary heritage
  • write accurately, effectively and analytically about their reading, using Standard English

acquire and use a wide vocabulary, including the grammatical terminology and other literary and linguistic terms they need to criticise and analyse what they read.

Subject Content

The qualification is made up of two externally assessed components. Both components allow pupils to show their depth and breadth of knowledge through varied assessments.