The ability for pupils to choose when and where they would like to learn is becoming ever more important.  At Ribblesdale we use technology and a range of other tools to enhance the great teaching that takes place within the classroom.  Pupils at Ribblesdale each have their own one-to-one Windows 10 device, which is used to support learning both within and outside the classroom.  Having access to their own device allows pupils to utilise a range of tools such as Office 365 and Doddle to help them progress further.  It allows staff to formulate engaging lessons drawing on different opportunities, for example Minecraft Education Edition, to enhance the engagement and motivation of pupils.

One-to-one at Ribblesdale

At Ribblesdale, pupils have access to their own one-to-one device, to support the learning which takes place in the classroom and beyond.  We use a Windows 10 device, which allows pupils to create and consume content.  The production of work can be completed by typing on the detachable keyboard, utilising the touch screen capabilities or using the digital stylus.  This allows pupils to choose the input method that bests suits them or the task being completed.

The use of the device is complemented by a range of different applications, ranging from traditional Microsoft applications such as Word and Excel, through to tools such as Minecraft Education Edition and Doddle.  The device and the range of applications are used to complement the effective teaching and learning taking place at Ribblesdale.

The devices are managed by the school’s IT support team, have full web-filtering both in school and at home and are fully covered should they get damaged.  All required applications and updates are installed on the device, as and when required, ensuring the device is always up-to-date with the latest software.



The long established Minecraft is now available at Ribblesdale as Minecraft Education Edition (Minecraft:EE).  Minecraft:EE is specifically designed to support teaching and learning in the classroom and beyond.  At Ribblesdale, it is used in a variety of ways ranging from the construction of places of worship in RE, through to the visual representation of creative writing in English.  It is also used extensively within Computer Science to bridge the gap between block based and code based programming languages, utilising the inbuilt ‘Code Builder’ features.  Girls and boys alike relish the opportunity to use Minecraft:EE in a range of lessons, aiding understanding and bringing a range of subjects to life!


We are very excited to share our e-Learning platform ‘Doddle’. This is a powerful web based learning resource, which provides opportunities for revision, assessment and reporting  and to which all Ribblesdale pupils have access. It contains over 20,000+ resources, covering all aspects of the curriculum, at both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

The Doddle software allows both pupils and parents to track progress across all subject areas, as well as complete homework and assessments that have been entered by the teacher using a clear and simple RAG rating (red, amber, green).

Parents have accounts so that they can see live data for their son or daughter and the topics they are studying. Pupils can learn and research topics independently, especially where they are still developing their knowledge and understanding. Each pupil has a personal Doddle homepage where they can access their homework to-do lists and where parents can view the work their child has been assigned.

For more information, visit: www.doddlelearn.co.uk