Computer Science

Our Computer Science Team

An Introduction to Computer Science​

The computing curriculum in Key Stage 3 meets the requirements of Computing at School and is an excellent preparation for the computer science GCSE. At Ribblesdale the department have developed personalised units of work to engage and motivate pupils. They allow for the development of personalised thinking, learning and computational skills, which equip pupils with the skills needed to succeed in the digital age.

Year 7
  • Transition
  • Using a Computer
  • Using Graphics
  • Control Systems
  • Basic Programming
Year 8
  • Computing Concepts
  • Modelling
  • Creating for the Internet
  • Databases
  • Basic Text Programming and Animation.
Year 9
  • Programming in Python,
  • Personal Digital Devices,
  • Advanced Programming and Multimedia Project.

Key Stage 4 – OCR GCSE Computer Science​

Computer science allows pupils to become familiar with concepts of logical and computational thinking. They will discover the theory behind computing and identify how digital systems work.

Computer Systems (examination: 1hr 30mins) – 40%

This component will introduce pupils to the Central Processing Unit (CPU), computer memory and storage, wired and wireless networks, network topologies, system security and system software. It is expected that learners will become familiar with the impact of Computer Science in a global context through the study of the ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns associated with computer science.

Algorithms and Programming (examination: 1hr 30 mins) – 40%

This component incorporates and builds on the knowledge and understanding gained in J276/01, encouraging pupils to apply this knowledge and understanding using computational thinking. Pupils will be introduced to algorithms and programming, learning about programming techniques, how to produce robust programs, computational logic, translators and facilities of computing languages and data representation.Pupils will become familiar with computing related mathematics.

J276/03: Programming Project (Controlled Assessment: 20 hrs)- 20%

Pupils will undertake a programming project that requires them to analyse a situation before designing and developing a solution and testing and evaluating their work.